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Parker 700
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The next generation recreational fishing boat!
With the new Parker 700 Pilothouse, we finally deliver a boat that meets the expectations of the experienced recreational fisherman!
The 700 Pilothouse has a modern hull with significantly better comfort, low planing threshold, dry over the bow to avoid unnecessary sea spray on the front window, large speed resources and a modern ergonomically correctly designed driver environment.

The boat has a conventional layout with a large open aft deck of 4.3 m2 .
The pilot house is asymmetrically placed towards the port side so that on the starboard side we get a spacious, submerged and safe passage from the cockpit on the aft deck and up to the front deck.
The boat is prepared for, among other things, bow thruster, as well as net, line and tine tails. It can of course be delivered with this pre-installed.
Trim plan, external driver position, passenger compartment heater, extra service battery, flushing on the front window, extra windscreen wiper on the port side, LED work lights on the aft deck and saltwater flushing on the stern deck.
Recreational fishing boats are mainly day trip boats. Therefore, you will find equipment for longer trips and accommodation on the accessories list.


Parker 700 Pilothouse

Length overall
7,50 m
Beam overall
2.55 m
Draught without engine
0.23 m
Weigth without engine
1750 kg
Fuel tank capacity
140 L
Maximum engine
250 HP
Fresh water tank
40 L
Black water tank capacit
40 L
Height (w/o accessories)
2.70 m
Height from waterline
2.47 m
Hull length
7,0 m

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