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Parker 720
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Parker 720 Adventure– The new generation day cruiser and weekend cruiser



The stunning new Parker 720 Adventure will replace one of Parker’s most successful models over the past five years: the Parker 690 Day cruiser.

It’s never a good idea to completely change what is a winning design. But it’s always a good idea to make developments and further improvements.

With the new 720 Adventure, we have built upon and made developments to the great qualities that made the 690 Day cruiser such a hugely popular boat in this segment on the entire european market.


Through close dialogue with customers and dealers, we have done our utmost to design an even sportier, more comfortable boat, with even more optimal functionality for European boating:


  • Larger berths and more ceiling height in the front cabin to improve comfort.
  • Larger cockpit to improve comfort for captain and passengers.
  • Improvements to the canopy storage and canopy design to make boating life simpler.
  • A canopy design with Bimini top as standard.
  • More and larger storage compartments, including a large hatch in the cockpit deck.
  • Updated design, with Parker’s new bow profile, rub rail etc.


With all these improvements and developments, the 720 Adventure is a stunning day cruiser and weekend cruiser with ultimate performance on the water and a high level of comfort.


The 720 Adventure as a weekend cruiser for overnight stays

If you and your family want to use the 720 Adventure as a complete weekend cruiser for overnight stays, the boat can be upgraded with optional equipment and even more comfort:

  • Extra battery for consumption
  • Diesel heater
  • Toilet room with door
  • Top mattress, front cabin
  • Hull window

Parker 720 Adventure

Length overall
8,20 m
Beam overall
2,46 m
Draught without engine
0,42 m
Weigth without engine
1651 kg
Fuel tank capacity
230 L
Fresh water tank capacity
40 L
Black water tank capacity
40 L
Maximum engine
300 HP XL

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